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Diabetes and Retina

Diabetes and Retina treatment


The retina is a very thin layer of tissue that lines the inner part of the back of the eye and functions like the film of a camera. The retina captures light that has traveled through the lens of the eye, then transmits that image to the brain so that it can be processed into a visual image.

The retina doctors at Riverside Eye Center have had special training in treating retinal conditions and diseases. They take great care in diagnosing and treating problems and diseases of the retina including wet and dry macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment. If a procedure is necessary, it often can be performed on sight in one of our treatment rooms. We also maintain a close affiliation with the renowned Beaumont Hospital where more advanced and even emergency retina surgery can be performed.

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East China Office

First building north of St. John River District Hospital 4050 River Road, East China, MI 48054
PH: (810) 329-9045
FAX: (810) 329-8732
Optical: (810) 329-5953

Fort Gratiot Office

Located 1/4 mile north of Birchwood Mall
4656 24th Avenue, Fort Gratiot, MI 48059
PH: (810) 385-3600
FAX: (810) 385-0603
Optical: (810) 385-7200


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