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Eye Conditions Caused By Stress

Have you ever experienced an irritating eye twitch that just won’t seem to end? How about dry eyes or blurred vision? Have you ever thought that these issues could be caused by stress? It’s true, our eyes are an extension of our brain so whatever affects the various parts of our brain can actually interfere… Read More

Proper Nutrition Promotes Good Eye Health

We all know that proper nutrition is crucial in maintaining long-term wellness, and as more and more Americans tackle issue associated with obesity, such as heart disease, diabetes, and even premature death, it is becoming more evident that poor nutrition has a negative effect on health. Proper nutrition isn’t just essential for your overall health,… Read More

Dry Eyes and Cold Weather

Do your eyes ache or hurt during the winter months?  Are they tearing a lot or red?  Does it feel like something is in your eye and it won’t stop?  Do you sometimes blink a lot to clear the blurriness?  These are common complaints and symptoms of someone suffering from dry eye. Living in the… Read More

What is Pink Eye?

When patients ask me if they have pink eye, I am usually left a little confused. If their eye is now pink, then yes, they have “pink eye”. And if your foot was sore, you would have “sore foot”. But just as a host of things could cause your foot to be sore (ever step… Read More

Sunglasses in Winter – Why It’s Essential

In the midst of the short, cold days of winter, many of us stash away our sunglasses until the spring and summer months. But winter can wreak havoc on unprotected eyes, sometimes even more so than in sunny summer months. So to keep your sight sharp and your eyes healthy, proper eyewear is essential—no matter… Read More

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